Savings Deposit


  Start Up Savings Passbook Account

You can now start saving more for your future through our START UP SAVINGS PASSBOOK ACCOUNT!


  Step Up Savings Passbook Account

Step higher in saving your money through our STEP UP SAVINGS PASSBOOK ACCOUNT!


  Regular Savings Account

The Regular Savings Account is an interest-bearing account that comes with a passbook.


  Abot-Kaya Passbook Savings Account

The Abot-Kaya Savings Passbook Savings Account, with its lowest opening amount of 25 pesos, everyone is free to open an account and start saving for their future.


Time Deposit


  Golden Time Deposit Classic Account

This product is a regular time deposit account where the interest and principal can only be withdrawn upon maturity of the term for a high interest rate.


  Golden Money Maximizer Special Savings Account

This product is for individuals looking for medium-term investments (1-3 years) for a relatively high interest rate.


  Flexi-Gold Time Deposit Account

This is designed for individuals seeking for long-term investments (5 years) for a high interest rate.

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