About Us

Our Vision

“To be among the Top Five Most Successful Rural Banks in Cagayan Valley recognized for its Financial Strength by 2023.”

Our Mission

“To Deliver Superior Rural Banking Financial Solutions and Customer Service, Introduce Product Innovation, Sustain Financial Growth and Stability, increase Stakeholder’s Value and Contribute to the Preservation and Development of Ecological Environment where we operate.”

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

We believe that the company will only thrive because of satisfied customers, as such, I must treat customers who patronized our services and products and my fellow employees as internal customers with delight..


I will incorporate consistency, honesty and truthfulness without compromising the reputation of the organization.


I will acknowledge and assume responsibility for my own doings and answerable for its resulting consequences to our stockholders and customers.


I will be dedicated to the tasks and responsibilities given to me. I will be engaged to provide deliverables which are at par with the company’s highest standards.


I believe that I represent the whole organization, therefore, I will act accordingly as I believe that the key to quality and efficiency is how you deal with your external customers.


I am willing to cooperate and contribute as part of the team aiming to succeed, working harmoniously across and within the group to accomplish the task easily and expediently.

GRBP strives to be included in the list of the most successful rural banks in Cagayan Valley recognized for its financial strength. The company’s tagline of “Madaling Lapitan, Maaasahan” conveys our commitment to deliver superior financial solutions and excellent customer service. GRBP ensures that every interaction gains a satisfied and loyal customer.